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Program Director: Wilma Sampson
Executive Director: Richard Chapman

A Program For Parents Provided By JJC Family Services

The goal of Parents Empowering Program (PEP) is to provide a supportive group environment and useful information so that biological mothers and fathers can become successful parents. Helping parents to build self-esteem and a positive outlook is a focus of the program. The program focuses on empowering parents so that they can make more informed decisions in the lives of their children.

Each Thursday evening session begins with a family dinner, and child care is then provided during the training that follows. The sessions last two hours and include videos, lectures, group discussions and individual conferences. This program focuses on equipping natural parents with knowledge and skills related to child development, healthy nutritional patterns, good health and hygiene practices, identifying forms of child abuse, proper disciplinary techniques, child safety issues, life skills, interaction with various systems such as DHS, educational, health and welfare, and many other subjects related to child rearing and child/parent relationships.

Bi-monthly individual meetings and post graduation follow-up reports are used to track and document each parent's progression during and following the program. The program has a Community Resource Coordinator who keeps in contact with the client's social worker to report on client progress during the program. The program includes field trips, an incentives system, tokens, and at the conclusion of sixteen weeks, a graduation celebration with friends and family and a certificate of completion.

Call Joy Teel, Community Resource Coordinator at (215) 849-2112 ext. 5127or fax information to her at (215) 849-0393.